Can you grow a bonsai tree in terrarium? Best Bonsai For Terrariums

Terrariums are glass containers designed for house living plants. Growing bonsai in a terrarium is not a very easy task. But it is possible thanks to forever century. Terrarium bonsai are very decorative and help to bring a little exhaustion to your home.

A terrarium is just like a plant aquarium. This kind of plant aquarium helps trees to grow in a suitable environment. Also, add a beautiful look.

Terrarium indoor plants are a beautiful, creative way to keep plants inside.

Can you grow a bonsai tree in terrarium

But can a bonsai tree live in a terrarium?“Obviously, a bonsai tree can survive in a terrarium. Only a few species of bonsai are fit for the terrarium. You just need to semblance the terrarium environment suited for your bonsai to grow.”

Bonsai trees come in various sizes. But medium-sized bonsai is perfect for the terrarium. Because they are small enough to fit comfortably in the glass container.

There are two types of terrarium- open terrarium and enclosed terrarium.

Open terrarium is a great way to get started with terrarium bonsai. It allows for air to circulate and moisture in a short time. An open terrarium is much simpler than an enclosed terrarium.

Easy to take care of open terrarium plants without any kind of complications. Also offers several advantages.

Otherwise enclosed terrarium is a basic form of terrarium. It gives bonsai an exotic look. But growing bonsai in a closed terrarium seems like a challenge. In this case, taking care of bonsai is a bit difficult.

Best bonsai for terrarium

No question is, “What plants can grow in a terrarium?” Almost all type of bonsai survives well in a terrarium. But tropical plants are much better for the terrarium. They do not need regular pruning. Pick the “best bonsai for terrarium”. Lets digging-

Ficus microcarpa gineng terrarium

ficus microcarpa ginseng terrarium

Ficus microcarpa is a great choice for the bonsai terrarium. When it comes to the bonsai terrarium, the image of ficus bonsai floated before our eyes.

Ficus ginseng features are small, light-green leaves, and shiny. It also offers beautiful flowering that can thrive in your house terrarium.

Ficus gineng is the most popular choice for the terrarium. Fit for both open or enclosed plants aquarium. The ficus bonsai tree is a fantastic beginning point for newer.

On the other hand, ficus is a very forgiving terrarium bonsai. They are smaller and very affordable. Very easy to take care of and don’t require regular pruning. Ficus also offers many advantages.

Japanese terrarium

japanese terrarium for bonsai

Japanese bonsai is a very popular bonsai in the world. It is a great option for terrarium bonsai beginners due to its strong capability and humidity.

Japanese terrarium bonsai is a piece of art, so you can style it as your wish. It requires a little common garden sense. Its smaller leaves and branches down to create interesting shapes. You can grow many Japanese bonsai in a terrarium.

It can survive easily in a terrarium environment and can handle a very cold forst.

People love this bonsai for its beauty and strong preference. Japanese bonsai is such a great choice for placing in the terrarium.

Living ferm moss

Living Fern Moss Perfect for Terrariums

Another great species of bonsai can successfully survive in a terrarium. Moss bonsai is a bioactive vivarium, shade-loving, and moisture, lush and soft. Moss terrarium took a little bit sending out lots of new grown. During winter it holds heat and keeps soil cool in summer.  

This type of bonsai terrarium is very easy to care for. It acts as a great erosion control tree. terrarium moss needs a little care as required according to its needs. It lasts and grows healthfully.

Make bonsai terrarium

You can make your bonsai terrarium at home. Follow these steps:

  • At first, you need to select the bonsai terrarium type according to your bonsai features. Pick the ideal bonsai.
  • Then you could create soil layers. Gather some small pebbles and stone. It helps to drain the water of your terrarium plants. Put this into the bottom of the pot and set it smoothly. Now, your 1st layer is ready.
  • Then place this layer of moss. Which will act as filtration. Now you can fill up your pot with soil (about three inches). Soil provides malnutrition, mineral salt, and many other needs.
  • Select your bonsai plant. Implant it into your terrarium. You could add a fresh sheet of moss. It is helpful for flat plants. Also delighted your terrarium beauty.
  • You can add other things of your choice like colored pebbles or sand. People add many decorations for the colored look.
  • Remove the small plant from the pot or you can use a terrarium tool kit. (amazon terrarium tool kit link) if you wish, you could order this form here. Tool kits are safe and easy to use. It is really helpful.
  • Always place your terrarium in sunny areas. Try not to add too many extras to your bonsai terrarium. Because it may be a destroyed terrarium natural vibe. Give your bonsai a natural look.

How do care for a terrarium?

how do you care for a terrarium

Terrarium bonsai has opened a new era in the world of bonsai. The idea of terrarium bonsai brings perfect formed botanical gardening into your home. Terrarium bonsai are great for indoor or outdoor decoration.

Terrarium bonsai does not require too much maintenance once settled. It needs some basic care and attention in the first week or two. Bonsai in your new terrarium may show some symptoms or problems. But don’t worry, this is a normal part of placing bonsai into a terrarium.

How do you care for a bonsai terrarium ?

Terrarium basic needs

Enough light and temperature:

Each terrarium has different heating and light conditions. Generally, a bonsai terrarium needs sunlight with a temperature of around 19-21 c. Make sure your terrarium bonsai is not in direct sunlight to avoid overheating.


Do water your terrarium bonsai twice a day. Use a spray bottle to water your bonsai. It is important to be gentle with the roots. Avoid pouring water into the vessel. You need to be aware of this to ensure your plant lives a healthy life.

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Other problems:

Mold growing: Nothing to worry about it. The best way to remove mold is by using a cotton bud. Prune all the mold leaves and allow some air circulation for bonsai health.

Fungus attack: fungus could attack your terrarium like any other plant. It multiplies inside the soil. Some of the fungi are not bad. You could use a fungicide to avoid this kind of problem.

Pests: Pests are very harmful to any kind of plant or bonsai. This could attack at any condition of bonsai. You should be aware of it. The best way to reduce it is to remove root soil. Then wash bonsai roots properly and place them into a new pot with fresh soil. Follow this technique until you solve fly issues. Onc flys gone, rewatering your terrarium bonsai.

Give more attention:

While your terrarium once settled, give it proper sunlight. You need to maintain soil moisture. Keep eye on your bonsai terrarium so that you could notice all the changes or symptoms. Give more attention to keep healthy of your terrarium bonsai.

Faq section:

How often to water terrarium plants?

Answer: Open terrarium required water every 3/5 weeks. But enclosed terrarium plants do not need much watering. Almost all the enclosed terrarium plants are self-contained ecosystem terrariums.

You should check soil moisture before watering. Take note of how much water your bonsai terrarium plants need.

Where should I keep my terrarium?

Answer: The terrarium is like the tiny version of the greenhouse. Best to keep your terrarium in little sunlight. Remove the top for ½ hour to allow air circulation.

Do you need charcoal for the terrarium?

Answer: Charcoal acts as toxin removal, better drainage layer. It absorbs chemics, odors and added the benefit of leading water to root rot.

If you don’t have charcoal, you could add moss instead of charcoal. But moss needs plenty of fresh air. So, you will need to open up your terrarium bonsai once or per week for a whole day.

Why is my terrarium foggy?

Answer: Fogging up in a bonsai terrarium is normal. Enclosed terrarium plants often misting. It mainly caused by much watering, temperature change.

When direct sunlight hits terrarium glass, inside terrarium temperature becomes too high and occurs fogging.

To stop misting, you can change the terrarium positioning, watering schedule. It will help to prevent inside and outside temperature differences.

Bonsai terrarium will never finish just like a garden. Bonsai is always growing and changing and opening up the chance of styling and shaping methods.

Terrarium bonsai seems like a piece of art. It enhances the aesthetic value of your home environment. You can place it in your office, desk, reading table or bedroom wherever your wish. Just learn to take proper care of the bonsai terrarium. Because it especially requires much attention.

Happy  terrarium gardening!!!

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