Bonsai Shears vs Scissors (What Is Better And Why)

Every gardener has a toolkit box where you generally find two tools named scissors and shears. That is not different for bonsai cultivators because both tools are essential for trimming and pruning the bonsai plant to bring an aesthetic shape and outlook. 

But, at first glance, the starter Bonsai gardeners think both are similar. But the experts know the subtle differences between them. If you want to be a pro gardener, you should know the differences between bonsai shears vs scissors. 

Basically, bonsai shears have sharper and larger blades to ensure a precise cut of strong stems. Their handles are wider and have enough grip for comfortable holding. On the other hand, the scissors have less sharp blades for general and multi-purpose cutting. They are used for weak stems and leaves cut with less effort. 

We have discussed both tools in detail by considering their key features, durability, and performance. We invite you to read the article to choose the right tool for the proper purpose. 

Comparison Chart: Bonsai Shears vs Scissors

FeaturesBonsai ShearsBonsai Scissors
ShapeStraight handle with longer carve bladesButterfly handles with shorter blades
Blade’s length 8″7.3″
Blade’s sharpnessMore sharper, less bluntComparatively, less Sharper, blunter
ApplicationHeavy-duty and specific applicationLight duty and general application
Used forStrong branches and stemsRelatively weak branches and stems
FlexibilityMore flexibleLess flexible
DurabilityExcellent durabilityAverage durability
User’s strength requiresNeeds enough physical strength to use itA weak person, even someone who has an arthritis issue, can use it.
PriceExpensive (Check Price)Comparatively inexpensive (Check Price)

Bonsai clippers vs scissors: Check Their Differences?

The comparison table has shown you an overview of the fundamental differences. But, unless you know the exact information about what is good to use for what purpose, it won’t be easy to use them properly. That’s why we have demonstrated all their crucial features. So you can easily choose the right one, use the tools properly, and enjoy your gardening experience. 

What Are Bonsai Shears?

Usually, most Bonsai gardeners also know the bonsai shear as bonsai pruner or bonsai clippers. No matter what name you call it, the purpose of using it is the same. Though the bonsai shear comes in different sizes, shapes, and designs, the tool’s structure is always similar.

It has two handles and two sharp blades attached with a rivet. You can easily use the shear for cutting your plant’s larger and stronger stems. As you can adequately grab the handle, you can give enough pressure to cut the stems without damaging other stems that are grown alongside them. 

best bonsai clippers

Key Features

Ergonomic design and comfortable

First of all, its design is entirely different from scissors. As it is designed for cutting strong branches, the blades and handles have a balance. The handles are made with Polyvinyl Chloride, so they are non-slip and super comfortable to hold them over the stems to cut them. 

Large and sharp blades

Most of the shears have larger and sharper blades made from high carbon steel. So the blades are less prone to bluntness, which ensures long-lasting performance years after year. Because of its slim shape, you can easily reach the challenging area of the tree and cut the stems with less effort. 


When you are bound to use your thumb and other one or two fingers to use the scissors, the shears won’t bind you like this. You are free of using any of your fingers or even your entire hand to use the shear for pruning your bonsai. As a result, you have less pressure on your finger, which won’t be a cause of your finger’s pain. 

What Are Bonsai Shears Used For?

Bonsai shears are used to achieve the most precise cutting. It is ideal for shaping trees by pruning or trimming. You can effortlessly remove unwanted stems or deadheading of the plant before wiring it. Besides bonsai, it is also suitable for vegetables, flowers, and other plant trimming.

What Are Bonsai Scissors?

Bonsai scissors are looked at like general scissors that most homeowners have for the multi-purpose cutting tool. It has two butterfly-shaped handles to hold it and sharp blades to cut the things. Mostly the handles and blades have equal size and are joined together with a sturdy rivet. Using your thumb and other two fingers, you can apply pressure to cut the things smoothly that you want. 

best bonsai Scissors

Key Features

High carbon steel blade

The blades of the scissors are made of straight and heavy-duty carbon steel for fast trimming. The scissors are excellent for cutting bonsai trees, buds, herbs, rose bushes, and other plants. The more you use the scissors, the sharper it will be. 

Easy to hold

Using the scissors for a long time may cause your hand fatigue due to uncomfortable holding. But, the scissors come with ergonomic and comfortable alloy steel handles to easily hold and use with low pressure. Those with arthritis or weak hands can easily use scissors rather than shears and trim the tree. 


Though bonsai shears are more durable, that doesn’t mean scissors are fragile. The edges of the blades are rust-free and corrosion-resistant, which offers you year-round consistent cutting for outdoor or indoor bonsai gardening. 

What Are Bonsai Scissors Used For?

There is no limit to the use of bonsai scissors. You can use these scissors for gardening to daily multi-functional needs. It’s efficient to use for trimming, removing deadheads of the tree for reshaping, or any other fast snips. You can also use these scissors to cut fabrics, paper, and many other things for your crafting projects. 

What To Choose Between Bonsai Shears vs Scissors?

Now, it’s time to summarize the discussion on bonsai shears vs scissors. Actually, both are excellent in their own field, so we can’t say anyone is better than the other. You should collect and keep both of them into your toolbox to level up your gardening skills. 

If your bonsai is an indoor fast-growing plant, but the stems are soft and weak, then using scissors is the best decision. As the scissors are made to serve this purpose. 

On the contrary, if you have an outdoor plant, the tree’s branches are strong and need razor-like sharp blades to cut them, you should choose shears instead of scissors. You can effortlessly trim the plant with shears, that saves your time and energy. 

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