Best Online Bonsai Course To Persuade Bonsai Art

Do you want to be a bonsai artist to express your inner thoughts, the art of plant shaping and rejuvenate the bonsai beauty differently?

Are you a beginner and don’t understand the right path to fulfill your desire? 

Why take stress; when you live in a technological era, it blesses you by bringing everything in your hand. 

Enrolling in a bonsai course is the best option to learn the tactics of bonsai. Here, we caught up with the 7 best online bonsai courses designed from scratch to advanced. 

We also keep in mind your cost factor, and for this, we have divided our article into two parts. One part is for the free online bonsai courses, and the next part is for paid courses. So, you can enroll in any course that is convenient for you. 

Without amplifying your excitement, let’s get started. 

Why Should You Learn Bonsai Art From The Best Online Bonsai Course? 

The Japanese invented the Horticulture of bonsai around 1000 years ago. Since it’s an ancient art, though many people succeeded in growing their bonsai as per their desire, many people also failed to do that. 

  • Choosing and not choosing the right spices of bonsai for the right weather, enriched or lack of bonsai knowledge, choosing the right or wrong pot for planting, and ensuring or filing  proper sunlight, shadow, water, and fertilizer are draw a bold differential line between these two groups. 

If you want to be in the first group of people, a bonsai course that is conducted by experienced bonsai cultivators will help you to persuade the bonsai cultivation process practically. 

  • Even if you can’t understand any lecture in the course, there is a great scope to repeat the lesson as most of these classes are pre-recorded. 
  • You can also get suggestions from the course instructor when you practice the course showing bonsai growing methods at home. 
  • The free courses won’t cost you a single buck to learn the art. 

Besides these, there are a lot of reasons why you should learn bonsai skills from courses. 

Best Online Bonsai Course 

This is the best time to learn about the world’s best bonsai online courses, both free and paid, with videos and photos. 

Free Online Bonsai Course 

We don’t want, first, you spend your hard-earned cash without justifying the course quality. So we would like to let you know about the free online bonsai course. By checking the course module, you know how much value the course can add to your bonsai growing journey. If these are a good fit for you, it’s better to enroll in a free course and start learning bonsai cultivation.  

1.Eisei-en bonsai by Bjorn Bjorholm

YouTube is one of the most popular free learning platforms. If you are comfortable watching videos to learn a skill, this channel is recommended. Bjorn Bjorholm, an American bonsai artist, started the Eisei-en Bonsai YouTube channel in 2011. Since then, he has uploaded 276 videos on this channel about bonsai art. 

Once you visit this channel, you find it neat and clean because the videos are organized in a playlist under 14 categories. Here, you’ll get practical videos on workshops, bonsai tours, vlogs, bonsai podcasts, etc. As a result, you can easily find the video you want to watch. Bonsai Wiring Essentials 

Our next free course is about bonsai wearing. So this course is for bonsai gardeners facing challenges in wiring their trees and reshaping. Colin Lewis brings the Bonsai Wiring Essentials course with 5 videos. 

He gave an overview of the course in a class preview video. Then he describes all about wiring, how to prepare for wiring, how to wire bonsai like a pro, and the myths & mistakes in his other 4 videos. 

The most interesting thing is the videos are downloadable. So you can download and watch them both online and offline.  

Paid Online Bonsai Course

If you are highly serious about growing bonsai to bring an aesthetic outlook to your surroundings. It’s better to check paid bonsai online courses instead of free. 

Bonsai Empire reviews

If you want to learn bonsai art from your living room and at your own pace, we suggest the course from the Bonsai Empire. They bring 5 different courses at 5 different price ranges considering your needs. These 5 courses are 

Bonsai beginners course 

The 17 lectures of this course take 2-5 hours and cost you less than $40. Its bonsai lessons for beginners are dedicatedly conducted for those who have zero knowledge about bonsai and enthusiasts to learn. 

Bonsai intermediate course 

It is designed with 24 lecturers describing different topics about bonsai. This course is a must for those who have passed the beginning stage with their bonsai and want to go to an advanced level. You have to spend 3-5 hours watching all those tutorials. 

Bonsai fundamental course

After hearing this name, you can predict this course’s purpose. Basically, it is designed with 22 lectures from scratch to intermediate to enrich your bonsai knowledge. All the beginners and intermediate-level bonsai growers will be benefited from enrolling in this course.  

Developing Deciduous course

If you love Deciduous bonsai more than any other bonsai tree, this course is designed only for you. All 26 lectures are about how to care for and grow a healthy Deciduous bonsai tree and bring its beauty. 

Advanced bonsai course

The advanced bonsai course is for you if you have years of experience with bonsai cultivation but won’t succeed in flourishing it like a pro. The course conductor described in-depth techniques about advanced level bonsai growing in its 26 lectures. 

Beginner Bonsai Tree Course By Ma-Ke

If you want to take a one-to-one bonsai course mentoring, then nothing but a course by Ma-Ke is the perfect match for you. Though the course is slightly more expensive than any other course, comparing its practical gardening service is okay. 

Ma-Ke started running bonsai courses in 2007 and designed three modules of course: basic bonsai tree care, bonsai tree pruning, and bonsai tree repotting. 

The course is a day-long session from 10AM to 4PM with hands-on and theoretical knowledge to learn the bonsai growing skills.  

Bonsai Workshop By Sail Earning Center

Bonsai sail earning center is another paid online bonsai workshop. Brad Russell and Bryan Mercer are the founder and teachers of the courses. If you are in Statesville or Holly Springs, NC, and love to join a bonsai workshop to uplift your bonsai skill, it’s great to attend. Moreover, you can check out what the students say about this workshop by visiting its page.

Bonsai West 

Bonsai west brings multiple courses on different spices of bonsai, including Tropical Cherry, Juniper, Itoigawa Shimpaku Juniper, Chinese Elm, Brazilian Rain Tree, European Olive, Retusa Fig, and Bougainvillea. The courses are focused on beginners and are described thoroughly to make them easily understandable. They discuss every matter of growing bonsai, like watering, pruning, wiring, styling, etc. 

If you want to enroll in any special group course, workshop, or advanced course, these courses are also here. Once you visit the page, you’ll get everything in detail. 


Udemy brings beginners, intermediate, and advanced level bonsai courses at a reasonable price. The course has 23 sections with 35 lectures. The total content length is 4 hours and 8 minutes. You can check the curriculum of the course from its page. The 30 days money-back guarantee is there to secure your little investment. 


Yes, there are hundreds of options to learn the skill of bonsai art without courses. But these aren’t organized to keep you on the right track. You don’t even have the opportunity to get real feedback about your improvement from these sources. 

Here, authentic and best online bonsai courses can help you to go ahead on the right track. Enroll in the course that you find the best, follow the course instructions, and be a pro bonsai gardener. 
If you are a good reader, reading the best bonsai books is also a helpful source to get pro bonsai artists year round experience from their books.

Wish you good luck on your gardening journey!

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