6 Best Liquid Fertilizer for Bonsai To Revive Your Tree

The Bonsai plant’s popularity is increasing day by day because of its small size and unique outlook. You can decorate your home, office, patio, or garden with beautiful Bonsai. But it needs some extra care and treatment to flourish. In that case, using the right fertilizer is a must. 

Buying the best liquid fertilizer for Bonsai is quite a challenging task when you have many options. It makes you confused. But don’t panic. We’re here to help.

In this article, we’ll show you a list of the 6 best liquid bonsai fertilizers. So Whether you’re a beginner or professional, you can grow your Bonsai tree, ensuring all essential nutrients. Don’t make things complicated looking around hundreds of fertilizers, as you’ll get the best one following this guide.

Let’s learn about the names and choose the best to grow your bonsai tree healthy, strong, and beautiful.

Best Liquid Fertilizer for Bonsai

Best Bonsai Liquid Fertilizer Review

Now, we will describe all the ins and outs of our top-rated and most effective bonsai fertilizer for your convenience. 

1.Schultz Bonsai Liquid fertilizer – Best For All Purpose

Do you want a fertilizer that can revive bonsai health and promote new growth? Then Schultz 10-15-10 all-purpose will be the best plant food for bonsai trees

Do you want a fertilizer that can revive bonsai health and promote new growth? Then Schultz 10-15-10 all-purpose will be the best plant food for bonsai trees

You’ll fall in love with this unique formula that helps to rejuvenate your bonsai health like a younger one. On top-notch after applying this fertilizer you can observe all types of indoor and outdoor plants’ new growth.

However, it is also a great supplement feeding for Bonsai when the tree goes through stressful situations like cutting, pruning, root pruning, and wiring. You know how these situations lead to bad health of your Bonsai and various diseases.

In that case, supplementing with this fertilizer after topping, potting, and repotting will help your Bonsai recover from the stress. As it has a lot of vital elements that help your Bonsai quickly recover from any tough circumstances. 

As soon as you use this fertilizer, you’ll see the difference soon. It’ll make your Bonsai stronger than ever as the balanced formula helps regain and recover good health. 

It’s not just fertilizer for Bonsai; you can use this versatile fertilizer to nourish any gardening, such as flowers, fruit trees, and vegetables, along with houseplants.

It is simple to use and very economical. You only need 7 drops of this formula to add with a quart of water, and the mixture is ready to apply. This amount is enough to work great for water every time! That means you can use one bottle for a longer period and save your money.

Bonsai experts in social media and online forums agree that Schultz 10-15-10 is the right food for your tree. So If you intend to boost your bonsai plant health, this all-purpose fertilizer will be a perfect choice.


  • Works great for both indoor and outdoor plants
  • You can use it for all types of garden and ornamental plant fertilizer
  • No harsh chemicals, so it stimulates plant’s new growth
  • Easy to use and usable for a long time
  • affordable price and greatly economical


  • Overdose can burn the plant root 

2.Perfect Plants Liquid fertilizer – Best For Money Tree

Money tree liquid fertilizer

If you’re finding a specialist bonsai fertilizer to make your Money trees flourish, then try Perfect Plant Money tree liquid fertilizer. It is one of the best fertilizers for money trees. 

It’s a complete care kit with all the nutrients essentials for your ornamental tree. You’ll get it in a concentrated mix that incorporates trace elements, vital nutrients, and enzymes that can heal your sick and old money tree. The NPK ratio of this fertilizer is effectively balanced to promote the tree’s leaf growth and give healthy foliage faster. So that your leaves will not get sticky.

Furthermore, the fertilizer works for robust root growth, vibrant greener leaves, and healthy limbs. It ensures a thriving root system, and overall you’ll get a healthy plant. The soil and root absorb this liquid fertilizer immediately and quickly transfer the nutrients to the leaves and branches. Afterward, this increases the tree’s life span and adaptability. 

If you’re looking for a budget fertilizer, it’ll be your great choice. One teaspoon of fertilizer is enough per gallon, which means it’s going to save your money super. 


  • Contain all kinds of essential elements to flourish your tree
  • It will be a right choice for indoor house plants 
  • Needs a tiny amount and fastly recover the plant
  • You will get green leaves after applying this fertilizer, and the old money trees revived again
  • Simple to use and worth your investment


  • It may not good for outdoor plants

3.Perfect Plants Liquid Bonsai Fertilizer – Best For Indoor Plants

best plant food for bonsai

Perfect Plant liquid fertilizer is a prime recommendation for those who want a fast-acting fertilizer for Bonsai. The nutrients of this fertilizer are instantly boosted once you use it and show a fast result. 

The reason behind fast-acting is its super blended formula that your Bonsai can easily consume. So the plant sucks up the nutrients quickly and grows much healthier.

Its wonderful NPK (Nitrogen, Phosphorus and Potassium) ratio is (9-3-6). All the 3 elements help foliage to reach its fullest potential, promoting strong roots. The high Nitrogen content ensures the vibrant growth of Bonsai and permits frequent pruning.

So if you have a Larch bonsai tree and are tense about feeding it, we will suggest this Perfect Plant fertilizer because these types of Bonsai require regular pruning due to their triangular shape. However, it brings a dark deeper green color into the leaves, making your Bonsai more beautiful.

The fertilizer comes in a concentrated mix into a resealable bottle that will help your fertilizer stay effective for an extended period. On top of that, the diluted formula allows you to control the dosage and lessen the risk of root burn. Pick it if you want the essential nutrients to keep your bonsai trees robust. 


  • It is highly effective to prevent general bonsai disease 
  • Makes the brunch and trunks stronger
  • Suitable for both indoor and outdoor Bonsai
  • This fast-acting solution enhances the adaptability of the plant
  • Economical and free from any harsh chemicals


  • Overdoses may cause root burn 

4.Aquatic Arts Liquid Bonsai Fertilizer – Best For Organic

best plant food for bonsai

If you are struggling with your bonsai health, then you need the most effective liquid bonsai fertilizer. In that case, the Aquatic Arts Liquid Bonsai Fertilizer will be your perfect partner for your indoor plant.

Indoor Bonsai genuinely needs extra care and additional nutrients with the proper sunlight and water. Thanks to the Aquatic Arts for bringing Bonsai fertilizer because it contains all essential nutrients that your indoor Bonsai requires. 

The balanced amount of raw nutrients helps to grow new bright green leaves. So it brings a vibrate to look at the foliage that enhances the beauty of your Bonsai and makes your house more lively. The fertilizer comes with a 3-1-2 NPK ratio, an ideal formula for using in your Bonsai without worrying about root burning. 

Besides, the phosphorus helps to heal root rot and stimulates sturdy root growth. This fertilizer can heal the previous damage if you face root rot due to improper airflow and overwatering. Besides, it prevents brown spots on leaves.

This fertilizer is a wonderful option for you to grow your indoor plants faster, taller and bigger. With proper water and light, this fertilizer helps get back the proper growth of your dying Bonsai.


  • No chemicals, 100% natural, and organic
  • Pure gentle formula with the perfect balance of all necessary elements
  • Excellently works for all types of indoor Bonsai
  • It can revive the dying Bonsai after some application
  • Easy to mix and apply, long-lasting, and budget-friendly


  • Not suitable for outdoor bonsai

5.Garten Glück Bonsai Food Spray – Best For Spray

best liquid bonsai fertilizer

Our next choice is ready to use spray fertilizer for you who are very busy and can’t manage time to mix and use the fertilizer. But also, you love to grow Bonsai in your home or office surroundings. Here we like to introduce the Garten Glück ready-to-use spray fertilizer. If you have a bonsai on your balcony or your office desk and you’re looking for a simple way to fertilize it, then you’ve Garten Gluck. 

This liquid plant fertilizer is super easy for your everyday use, and saves you time. It comes with a practical and handy container that’s simple to spray. Just shake it well before use and spray on your plants and the soil. 

Garten Glück is the best plant food for bonsai indoor and outdoor plants. It is made with all kinds of organic and natural ingredients that provide your Bonsai with all essential nutrients and vitamins to ensure the healthiest growth. 

So you’ll get all the nutrients with antioxidants that your Bonsai requires for proper growth and development. The best ingredients also nourish the soil that improve soil’s quality to give you long-lasting benefits and make your tree more robust and healthy from inside. 

If you’re worried about the beauty of your indoor Bonsai, then try this bonsai fertilizer spray. It works great to enhance the beauty of your Bonsai, giving the leaves a shiny fresh look and increasing your home or office outlook.

Garten Glück makes the stem strength and enhances its growth. It also makes your bonsai leaf strong to keep it in perfect shape. Lastly, it makes your bonsai tree more resistant to diseases and pests. 


  • No harmful chemicals and plant-based formula
  • Organic and natural elements formulation
  • Work for both indoor and outdoor and
  • For strong and healthy leaves
  • Ready to use and the container can be recycled


  • A little bit smelly

6.Dyna Gro Bonsai Pro Fertilizer – Best For Hydroponic

bonsai liquid fertilizer review

Our final pick is Dyna Gro Bonsai-Pro Liquid Plant Food which provides the optimal bonsai nutrition to your plant. This fertilizer maintains a balanced growth of your Bonsai throughout its life. It not only contains NPK but also contains 16 essential macro and micronutrients vital elements. That’s why you can consider it as a complete food for your indoor bonsai plants. 

If you like urea-free fertilizers, you can check out this fertilizer. Its soluble salts also contain the lowest amount that prevents salt build-up. The urea-free solution and high phosphorus ensure more effective nutrients and eliminate the risk of root burn.

It is not only an ordinary balanced fertilizer but also famous for use in hydroponic growing. You can use this fertilizer both for your indoor and outdoor Bonsai and ornamental plants. After using this fertilizer, you will get the best result if you maintain optimal and well-balanced temperature, soil, watering, and light.

You’ll surely get professional-grade results with a little bit of Dyna Gro. Check this out and enjoy its micro-nutrients that will give you a fast output to develop bonsai plant health. 


  • 16 minerals essential for balanced plant growth 
  • Works both for indoor and outdoor plants
  • Natural, organic, and urea-free fertilizer 
  • Easy to mix with water, use and ensure maximum results
  • It requires ½ teaspoon with one gallon, so economical


  • The wrong dosage or mixture can lead to foliage loss 

How To Choose The Best Liquid Fertilizer for Bonsai (An Effective Buying Guide) 

You have to invest a large amount of bucks to have a bonsai as a lucrative bonsai tree is too costly. So you need to give proper nutrition to grow them properly.  Fertilizing or feeding the Bonsai means providing nutrients to the plants. So you have to choose the fertilizer carefully depending on your plant’s requirements. Let’s know some crucial criteria that you must consider when choosing the bonsai fertilizer.

Balanced Ingredients Ratio 

The best fertilizer for Bonsai should have a balanced ratio between the three vital nutrients, N-P-K. A good fertilizer also has magnesium, boron, calcium, molybdenum, and zinc. While choosing a fertilizer, check out what vitamins and nutrients they offer and consider which nutrients your Bonsai needs mostly. 

Check your plant’s growth stage

Another thing you should consider before buying any fertilizer is to understand the stage of development of your bonsai tree. If your Bonsai is still growing or developing, then choosing a high Nitrogen-based fertilizer will be great. So at the growing season or in the early spring, use a high nitrogen fertilizer. 

Otherwise, When you’re styling or pruning bonsai, Nitrogen is a must in your fertilizer. Nitrogen helps to boost your bonsai leaf at the growing phase.

But if your Bonsai is at the refinement level, choose higher phosphorus and potassium and lower Nitrogen level fertilizer. Because high potassium and Phosphorus levels help keep your Bonsai healthy and strong and produce fruits, you can easily understand the N-P-K ratio from the fertilizer packaging.

Consider the placement of your Bonsai

You can grow bonsai trees indoors or outdoors as per your taste. For the indoor Bonsai, choose the fertilizer consisting of additional vitamins and micronutrients and N-P-K because indoor Bonsai can’t get the proper sunlight and airflow. So the fertilizer should have the nutrients that fill the lack of nutrition. 

But if you keep the tree outdoors, then it gets proper airflow and sunlight. In that case, the tree needs less fertilizer than indoor Bonsai. 

Types of fertilizer

You will find two types of fertilizer on the market. One is liquid types that you have to mix with water according to the company’s suggestion to get the highest output. And another is spray type, which is ready to use. Bonsai always needs extra care. If you can manage some time, then liquid-type fertilizer is the best. But if you’re a busy person and want to feed your Bonsai most simply, then try to use spray fertilizer. 


You can also look out for fertilizer that can work for hydroponic settings along with other growing mediums. Most people have Bonsai and other organic plants for their home decoration. And using two different formulas for different plants may be costly. But luckily, we’ve reviewed all-purpose plant fertilizer that can be used on different types of plants and save a lot of bucks. 

Organic or inorganic

Between the organic or inorganic fertilizers, we recommend you to buy organic ones. You can use Chemical fertilizers if your Bonsai needs a boost. But if you continue using them, it can lead to heavy damage to the soil.

On the contrary organic fertilizers act slow and gentle, but it is risk-free from any damage, besides being effective and durable for a longer period. 

These are the common features that you have to keep in mind when buying any fertilizer for your Bonsai. So, you will be happy and satisfied with the growth of your plant. 

How To Use Fertilizer On Bonsai? (A Step By Step Guideline)

When you buy liquid fertilizer for Bonsai, it comes in a concentrated bottle. So you’ve to dilute to use it. The using process is quite simple if you follow the instructions given on the product packaging.

However, the basic instructions of using you can get on the bottle, but you need to understand when and how to use the fertilizer. Follow our step by step basic instructions to use fertilizer on Bonsai.

Step-1: Choose Your Bonsai Tree Fertilizer 

First, you should select the most suitable fertilizer that suits your plant and can fulfill its nutrition. 

Step-2: Create Your Bonsai Feeding Schedule

Determine a feeding schedule based on your bonsai type and its growing season. Make your schedule different for indoor and outdoor Bonsai.

Step-3: Dilute the Fertilizer Following Instructions

Every liquid fertilizer comes with instructions about the quantity of fertilizer and water. Follow it to make you feed every time. If you buy a ready-to-use liquid fertilizer spray, then you don’t need to dilute it. Only spray it, or you can use it as a mist.

Step-4: Observe Your Bonsai Regular 

Keep your eye on the Bonsai to understand the signs of over or under-fertilization. Note down your observation and modify as required.

Step-5: Be Consistent 

Try to stick with it once you find an appropriate approach for your bonsai tree that matches your plant most.


Can you use liquid seaweed for bonsai fertilizer?

Liquid seaweed extracted works for bonsai plant growth. You’ll see the overall development of plant growth after using the liquid seaweed. It enables stronger, healthy plant growth, increases nutrient uptake, and improves shelf life.

How to apply liquid fertilizer to Bonsai?

If your liquid fertilizer comes in concentrated form, then apply it following the steps:

  1. Unscrew the cap of the bottle and remove the leak protector
  2. Measure the amount of fertilizer as indicated on the product and pour it into a container to mix it with the required amount of water (Usually 1 liter with 1 teaspoon of fertilizer)
  3. Stir well carefully until the fertilizer mixed evenly with the water
  4. Next, pour it evenly over the soil and directly over the leaves. 

How to use spray fertilizer on a bonsai?

The spray fertilizer usually comes in a spray bottle, and it is completely ready for direct use over the Bonsai and soil. Just spray the fertilizer over the leaves and roots depending on the needs or according to the company’s suggestion. 

Is liquid fertilizer or pellets better for bonsais?

Liquid fertilizer quickly gets absorbed by the Bonsai as they are a blended mixture. So if you’re eager to get a fast and instant result, liquid fertilizer is a better choice. But the downside is it washes away quickly after frequent watering. The fertilizer pellets are formulated with slow-release formulation but are effective for an extended period.

Should the soil be wet before applying liquid fertilizer to Bonsai?

Yes, if you want to increase the effectiveness of your fertilizer, wetting the soil before applying is a good idea. Pouring the liquid fertilizer directly into the dry soil may enable it to reach all the root balls before it starts to drain out. So lightly water the soil first will help the fertilizer soak evenly into the soil.

Which liquid fertilizer or pellets are better for bonsais?

Though there are a lot of brands available for liquid fertilizer and pellets, it is very difficult to say which one is better. However, you can choose Schultz, Perfect Plants, or Aquatic Arts fertilizer.

When to use fertilizer?

Start fertilizing your Bonsai from early spring because it’s the growing season of Bonsai. You can feed your Bonsai per week from early spring to late summer. Keep in mind if it starts growing slow, you should reduce the fertilizer schedule. At that time, you can fertilize Bonsai once per month. During the winter months, don’t use fertilizer on Bonsai.

How to use solid fertilizers?

Take enough fertilizer into small baskets or cups that’ll save the fertilizer being washed away while watering. Place the cups face-down onto the bonsai soil surface. Three cups or baskets will be sufficient. 


Potted plants like Bonsai require additional nutrients, such as watering, sunlight, and fresh air. The liquid fertilizer can provide the nutrients easily and immediately to grow Bonsai healthy. 

However, we’ve shown you the 6 best liquid fertilizers for Bonsai that will work effectively for your plant. You can choose any of them that exactly match your requirements. Each of them will be easy to use and risk-free. 

If you like to get our suggestion, we recommend Schultz All Purpose plant fertilizer as it is a winner from every aspect. Or, if you want a quick but effective solution try out Gurten Glück bonsai fertilizer. 

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