6 Best Artificial Lights For Bonsai Trees [With Buying Guide & Using Process]

The perfect combination of proper feeding, watering, and lightning is essential for growing your Bonsai. Lack of anyone among those three components can cause the death of your astonishing tiny creature.

But, if you live in a cold area where inefficient sunlight is natural or want to grow indoor bonsai trees, then you must use artificial lights. 

In that case, you have to choose the best artificial light for bonsai trees. But, if you don’t have precise knowledge about bonsai lights, it seems very hard to identify the right lights for the suitable bonsai species. 

Here, you can rely on us. We have researched the markets and narrowed down 6 lights to reduce the bonsai dying risk and promote its growth. Let’s dive into the discussion.

Best Artificial Lights For Bonsai Trees

Overview Of The Best Artificial Lights For Bonsai Trees

This comparison table will help you to determine the most suitable lights for your bonsai by investing a few minutes. 

Phlizon LED Plant Grow Light Best for flowering and vegging plantsEasy setup and useLess electricity consumptionCheck Price On Amazon
GooingTop LED Grow Light Suitable for desktop and table setupOffers automatic time set upAdorable price  Check Price On Amazon
Sun System Grow LightsSturdy building and durableBest for all bonsai speciesLightweight, and long power cordCheck Price On Amazon
MIEEMCLUX C1000 LED Grow LightCover large spaceOffers brightness setting flexibilityFull spectrum from 3000k-6000kCheck Price On Amazon
Advanced Platinum Series P300 LED Grow LightQuality materials and good finishingMultiple switch for easy operationEnsure proper nutrition like natural sunlightCheck Price On Amazon
AQOTER Grow LED LightLighting time and brightness adjustabilityEasy to install and flexible height adjustmentRF remote control for distance operationCheck Price On Amazon

Best Artificial Lights For Bonsai Trees Review of 2022

We know it is very challenging to select the right lights only by having an overview. Here we have discussed everything in detail with specifications, pros, and cons. 

1. Phlizon LED Plant Grow Light – Best For Overall

Phlizon is one of the best plant lamp-producing brands with a strong R&D team. They experimented many times to finalize this full-spectrum daisy chain plant lights model. This spotlight is suitable to grow indoor bonsai, flowering and vegging plants. 

If you set up the lights at 24″ high, they can cover 3×3 feet of your home garden space. They have a pair of cooling fans to reduce light heat and extend their lifespan. They require only 1200 watts to run for a spacious spectrum, so all of your trees will get even light and heat that they need. 

The lights have a double switching system to differentiate their functionality. You can use the veg switch with white and blue LED for seed and younger vegetative growing plants. On the other hand, the bloom light with white and red LED is appropriate for blooming and flowering plants. 

The UV and RI promote the Bonsai to defend its mechanism. So your tree will not face a lack of lights and grow up fast. Besides, Phlizon offers you 2 years limited warranty with a 30-day money-back guarantee. That means if you find any issue after purchasing, you have the option to return the lights and claim your money. So grab it as the best LED grow lights for bonsai and enjoy your indoor planting. 


  • Brand – Phlizon
  • Material – Metal
  • Dimensions – ‎2.36 x 8.27 x 15.75 inches
  • Weight – 7.04 pounds
  • Shape – Rectangular
  • Coverage area – 2*2-3*3 feets
  • Input – AC 50-60Hz 
  • Wattages – 1200 
  • Voltage – 110
  • Power source – Corded Electric
  • Switching system – Push Button
  • Bulbs type – LED
  • Finishing – Painted
  • Lifespan – 50000 hours 


  • Complete safe, risk-free, and long-lasting LED lights
  • Suitable to use for veggies and flowering trees
  • Double switch to easy light management
  • You can use both the switches from LEDs 90° and 120° angled. 
  • Excellent customer support with immediate reply


  • The fan is not louder, but you will listen 

2. GooingTop LED Grow Light – Best For Budget

Do you keep your indoor Bonsai on a desk, table, or countertop? If so, you need lights that come with adjustable and clip-able settings. GooingTop brings the LED grow light with 360° bendable and flexible Gooseneck by considering your needs. So you can easily set the lights even on a thick surface. 

The light arms are made with carbon steel and PVC to ensure sturdiness. As a result, you can rearrange the lights in any direction based on your requirements. The lights have push button 4 switches. One is for light on/off, one is for setting the auto timer (4/8/12 hours,) and the last two switches are for respectively increasing and decreasing light brightness. 

The light brightness adjustability is 5 level dimmable (20%, 40%, 60%, 80%, and 100%). Simply, you have every option to set and operate the lights according to your bonsai needs.  It also has a remote to control the light from a distance. You can just command the lights to grow your plant like natural sunlight. 

Since they come with a regular plug and USB charger, there is no worry about using the lamps. This Amazon number #1 best-selling plant growing lamp can be your best choice for potted Bonsai, house plants, seedlings, germination, cactus, and succulents. 


  • Brand – GooingTop
  • Material – Carbon-Steel+PVC
  • Dimensions – ‎‎3.54 x 4.65 x 13.15 inches
  • Weight – 1.19 pounds
  • Shape – horizontal
  • Coverage area – 1-2 square meters
  • Input – DC
  • Wattages – ‎50 watts 
  • Voltage – ‎5 Volts 
  • Power source – ‎Plug-in Adapter Included
  • Switch – Push Button
  • RA – 95
  • Timing setting – 4H/8H/12H
  • LED Chips/Bar – 5 Red (660nm) + 37 White
  • Luminous temperature – 5000-6000K
  • Finishing – Painted
  • Lifespan – 30,000 Hours


  • These grow lights are portable and flexible for seedlings
  • The big squeeze clip securely hold the lights in place
  • The light brightness and position is adjustable
  • Easy to install and use for all indoor plants
  • The lights are flicker-free and help plants to grow new leaves


  • They are not extremely bright, so good for low-light-loving plants.

3. Sun System Grow Lights – Best For Durability

We pick the Sun System Grow Lights for those who want accessible settings or hanging lamps for their Bonsai. The lights come with a horizontal shape with v-shaped hooks to hang and use it as greenhouse and Hydroponics lights. The frame of the lights is made with aluminum, it Will not collapse. 

The HPS 150 bulb is completely ballast assembled, and offers you a fast and straightforward setup for your indoor garden. In addition, the light can offer you 16,000 lumens, which is the most required color spectrum to grow and bloom the trees.  

It covers 2*2 feet of growing space in your home garden. It has attached a 7 feet grounded power cord to easily connect the cable to the power source. As a result, you don’t have to face any problem to connect it with the power source. 

As it only consumes 120 volts of electricity, it will not cut your pocket by holding you much electricity bill. Even the 2 years of manufacturing warranty for the fixture and 1-year limited warranty for light is worth your investment. 


  • Brand – Sun System
  • Material – Aluminium
  • Dimensions -‎18.1 x 9 x 6.5 inches
  • Weight – 7.8 pounds
  • Shape – horizontal
  • Coverage area – 2*2 feets
  • Wattages – 150 
  • Voltage – 120
  • Power source – Corded Electric
  • Switching system – Push Button
  • Luminous temperature – 16000
  • Bulbs type – HPS
  • Lifespan – 50000 hours 


  • Lightweight to be hung directly over your starters or sprouts
  • No need to change the bulb for veg/flower for mid spectrum
  • Efficient, silent operation and require minimum electricity
  • Versatile use and right choice for a small setup
  • Fast shipping with good packaging


  • It will be good to move up or down effortlessly if it comes with “yo-yo” hangers.

4. MIEEMCLUX C1000 LED Grow Light – Best For Cover Large Space 

If you like to try the LED Grow Lights with the latest generation Quantum Board, then MIEEMCLUX C1000 LED Grow Light will be the best fit for you. The quantum board is made with an aluminum plate to mount over your Bonsai or other indoor plants. The board has 2 ratcheting pulleys and a set of wire hangers with clips to adjust the height of the lights based on the growing stage of your Bonsai. 

The board is equipped with 4 LED lights which are very bright and in the right line to provide you with sufficient heat to rejuvenate your plant’s growth. However, this unit doesn’t have any fans and runs calmly. As a result, you should not cope with the irritating noise while using the lights. 

As the quantum board can cover up to a 3.5′ x 2.5′ area, you should not purchase multiple lights for your small indoor garden. And the knob switching system makes it easier to operate. You can even set up the light brightness according to your plants’ needs. So no more leaves will burn due to overlighting. 

The lights come with a 24-month warranty, but you have to register your warranty after purchasing. The company will provide you with a 24-hour timer for this warranty. So overall, it will be the best LED light for Bonsai based on price, light output, and power consumption.


  • Brand – MIEEMCLUX
  • Material – Aluminium
  • Dimensions -‎‎15.6 x 11.6 x 2.5 inches
  • Weight – ‎5.61 pounds
  • Shape – Rectangle
  • Veg coverage area – 3.5 x 2.5 feet
  • Wattages – 100 
  • Voltage – ‎120 Volts 
  • Power source – Corded Electric
  • Switching system – Dimmer
  • Number of bulb – 4
  • Bulbs type – LED


  • Add great value to your bonsai experience
  • Well made with high quality and sturdy components
  • Brighter light with minimal heat
  • Lightweight, so no worries about extra support
  • customer support is very responsive and engaging


  • The lights are a bit flicker

5. Advanced Platinum Series P300 LED Grow Light – Best For Bonsai Professionals

The Advanced Platinum Series P300 LED Grow Light will be excellent for professional bonsai gardeners. Once you install the lights, it boosts the growth rate, so your trees will look 100x better than previous. The lights will offer maximum par/lumen output by consuming minimum watts.  

These 12-band full spectrum lights are rectangular with efficient spectral results. The board is made with aluminum and can cover up to 4.5×3.8 feet spaces, where you can keep at least 8 small size plants. On top-notch, the lights can cover all plants evenly so that no plants will face a lack of light. 

The different switches are available for veg and flower so that you can set the lights based on your plants’ needs. The 2x whisper-quiet fans produce less noise to keep the place noise-free and calm. 

The depth of UV and the upper IR of the lights provide nutrition like natural sunlight. So the trees will grow with fine-tune branches, twigs, and roots. The better lighting efficiency, higher yields, and lower temperature heat will impress you and your plants.  

The 90-day money-back guarantee and exclusive 5 years warranty will secure your huge investment. If you face any issues within this time, you can claim a refund or replacement without any charge. So, we can recommend this LED Grow Lights for Bonsai Trees to upgrade your business to the next level. 


  • Brand – PlatinumLED Grow Lights
  • Material – Aluminum
  • Dimensions -‎‎ 19 x 8.5 x 3 inches
  • Weight – 12.8 Pounds
  • Shape – Rectangular
  • Coverage area – 4.5’x3.8′ feets
  • Wattages – 93w – 180w 
  • Voltage – AC 85V-260V
  • Power source – Corded Electric
  • Switching system – Push Button
  • Bulbs type – LED
  • Finishing – Polished
  • Lifespan – 100,000 hours


  • Good quality light and evenly equipped to the board
  • Require low watts to provide you excellent performance
  • super quiet, and your plants will love
  • You can set 400w HPS replacement 
  • Industry-leading long-lasting lifespan


  • Minimal light dispersion

6. AQOTER Grow LED Light – Best For Ground Stand

If your room has no window to keep your Bonsai for partial lighting, and that’s why you feel the necessity of artificial LED lights. Only for you, AQOTER brings its Grow LED lights with a tripod stand for easy installation. The 4 arms of the tripod have 192 LED lights with 124 red, 60 blue, and 8 full spectrum. As a result, you have the opportunity to use the lights from 3 options as per your plants’ growing stage and needs. 

The lights will offer you 380 nm to 800 nm wavelengths which is the same as sunlight. And these wavelengths promote the plants’ growth. The lights need only 100w or 12 volts of electricity to run. However, the lights come with a timer setting 4/8/12 hours. Once you set the time, the lights will automatically turn on/off every day, which is convenient for a busy person like you. 

The stand tripod and 4 tube lighting designs are very flexible to adjust height and direction. You can set the stand height from 22″-60″ depending on your trees’ size and move the tube to 4 corners. The best part is, it comes with an RF remote control to control the light brightness from 0% to 100% from a distance. So don’t hesitate to invest such a tiny amount for these convenient tree lights. 


  • Brand – AQOTER
  • Material – Metal
  • Dimensions -‎‎ ‎16.65 x 5.98 x 4.69 inches
  • Weight – ‎4.02 pounds
  • Shape – Horizontal
  • Coverage area – 4.5’x3.8′ feets
  • Wattages – 100
  • Voltage – 12V
  • Working temperature – (-20°C to +50°C)
  • Tripod stands height – 22 – 60 inches
  • Bulbs type – LED
  • Lamp – 192 pcs
  • Lifespan – 50,000 hours


  • Offer 3 different lighting options at an affordable price
  • Great for tight spaces because of its compact size
  • Excellent coverage area with 4 arms tube lights
  • Flexible, adjustable, and functional stand for height adjustment
  • Easy to assemble the tripod and perfect for seedlings


  • A little bit louder than other lights 

How To Choose The Best Bonsai Lights (Buying Guide)

When insufficient sunlight blocks the growth rate of your bonsai trees, you must choose the high leverage and active lights for them. In that case, you have to consider many essential features to select the right lights for the right species of bonsai to get tremendous success in your bonsai gardening. Here are the considerable factors

1. Types of light

When roaming the internet, you will find 3 kinds of commercial lights for indoor planting. They are 

Fluorescent Lights

These lights come with multiple light spectrums. Different color spectrums are suitable for various species of Bonsai. You have to choose 6000K fluorescent to stimulate your bonsai foliage, stems, and leaves health. On the flip side, 2700k fluorescent lamps work exceptionally well to promote the budding and flowering process of the tree. 

HPS Lights 

(HPS) or High-Pressure Sodium lights are another kind of artificial lights that help to effectively cultivate indoor Bonsai. If you have flowering bonsai trees and live in an icy region, then the HPS lights work great for you because these lights produce a little heat to keep your Bonsai warm. 

LED Lights

LED or (light-emitting diode) lights are most popular among bonsai lovers because they are environmentally friendly and foliage friendly. The Bonsai, which needs full spectrum to flourish, the LED lights are the most appropriate choice for them. 

2. Shape and number of lights

The bonsai lights come in different shapes and installation procedures. Some lights are rectangular, and some lights are horizontal. So you have to choose the light’s shape considering your indoor space. 

The quantum board or stand is settled with a massive number of lights. Some lights have red leds, some have blue leds, and some have white leds. You also have to consider the bulb’s number and spectrum to use them according to your bonsai needs. 

3. Easy installation 

Some lights you have to mount or hang, some lights offer you table or desktop clipping, and some lights come with a tripod for standing installation. That means you have multiple opportunities to install the lights over the Bonsai. 

So you have to choose the lights that you find better to install by considering your home space. If you keep the Bonsai on the table, table clipping lights will be perfect. If you own the tree in the corner of your home office, tripod-standing lamps suit you best.

4. Coverage area

The lighting coverage area is another important factor in choosing the best lights for your bonsai trees. If the lights can not cover your gardening space, you have to buy multiple lights that increase your cost. That’s why you should buy the lights to manage an ample space. Most of the lights can cover up to 2*2 or 4.5*3.8 feet of areas where you can keep your small size trees. 

5. Light adjustability and direction

All your plants will not be the same size and don’t require the same amount of lights. You have to adjust the lights’ direction based on your bonsai species. In this case, the flexible and adjustable lights will be most convenient for you. You can easily change the lighting distance to maximize the plants’ growth rate.  

6. Auto time settings

If you have cultivated Bonsai for many days, you know very well that Bonsai doesn’t require lighting 24*7. Different species of Bonsai need different hours of lighting. For example, canopy bonsai needs 16 hours of lighting, whereas Ficus needs 6 hours. So you understand the importance of proper timing. 

But when you have a tight schedule, it will be very tough to maintain the exact hours of bonsai lighting. Here, which lights come with auto timing settings will be a blessing for you. Once you just need to set the timer, the lights will automatically turn on/off every day. 

7. Temperature and brightness flexibility

Different lights produce different temperatures, and different bonsai species require different levels of heat. That’s why there is no way to take this feature lightly because overheating or underheating both can badly affect your trees. Overheating can burn the leaves, and underheating can restrict growth. So choose the lights that produce the heat that matches your bonsai needs. 

Besides temperature, pay attention to the lights’ brightness. Which lamps are flexible to adjust brightness will be easy to use. Some lights come with brightness adjustability from 0% to 100%. You can choose them. 

8. Electricity consumption

The more electricity your lights will consume, the more bills you have to pay. So to save your money, you should check the voltage and watts that the lights need to run. Most lights need 100-120 watts of power to run the lights. 

9. Lightweight and portability

Probably you don’t keep the trees in a fixed place all the time. Sometimes, you may change the bonsai place depending on the room’s interior design and beauty. If the lights are heavyweight, you have to face challenges reinstalling the lights. Here lightweight, compact design and portable lights can be great to fulfill your needs. So you should choose the lights between 5-8 pounds. 

10. Lifespan and warranty

A long lifespan with a warranty ensures the best usage of the lights. So that you don’t need to change lights frequently. Most artificial light producing companies offer you 2 years to 5 years warranty with 5000-100000 hours of lifespan. In this time they will replace the lights for damages with valid reasons. 

These are some standards and essential criteria that you must focus on to fulfill the bonsai light requirements. 

How To Use LED Grow Lights For Bonsai 

Selecting the right lights with the right color, setting them at right angles and distance are the thumb rules to chess the goal of your bonsai growth. Let’s learn them in short.

1. Grow light setup for indoor plants

Above we have already discussed the three types of lights. The lights setting process will be different considering the species of your Bonsai and the types of lights. 

Fluorescent lights

If you use the T5/T8 fluorescent lights with CFL bulbs, you must set them above 8-10 inches from the plant. These lights will not generate plenty of heat that burns your plant’s leaves. 

HID Lights

Maintain 20-24 inches of distance from your plant if you use HID lights. These lights generate a little heat, so you have to keep the room ventilated to pass the heat outside the room. Otherwise, the air heat may impact your plants’ health. 

LED Lights

If you use 50w LED lights, place them above 10 inches from your masterpiece of Bonsai. They provide you with a full spectrum similar to natural sunlight exposure. 

2. Setting timer 

Which artificial lights we have been reviewed, most of them come with automatic time set up. And this feature will make you free to turn the lights on/off every day. Most indoor Bonsai needs at least 5 hours of light depending on the species and the growth stages. You can set the timer to concentrate on other tasks. Let’s see which species of bonsai needs how many hours of lighting

  • The canopy light needs: 16-18 hours
  • The Ginseng Ficus light needs: 6 hours
  • Jade plant light needs: 4 hours 
  • Chinese Elm light needs: 8-10 hours
  • Juniper light needs: 6 hours
  • Hawaiian Umbrella light needs: 6-8 hours

The time may vary depending on the moisture and humid level of the soil, plant condition, and structure. To get better results, please consult with the actual gardeners from whom you bought the tree. 

3. Set up the lights’ brightness

Some species of Bonsai need bright light exposure to thrive and grow healthier to offer you an artistic and aesthetic structure. But, some need a mid to low lighting brightness. So you also need to fix the brightness level of the lights, and this level also varies depending on the lights’ types. 

That’s why the artificial grow lights offer you brightness setting flexibility. You can set the brightness of the light between 2000-4000 lux range. It will be better to use a large group of low watts bulbs instead of high watts bulbs to bring maximum output. 

4. Light positioning

Besides setting the lights’ timer and brightness, you should balance the lights’ position. You have to position some lights 90° angled, some 120° angled, and some 180° angled. You can determine the position by considering the lights’ time, brightness, and your plants’ needs. 


Are LED lights good for Bonsai trees?

Yes, LED lights are suitable for Bonsai. They promote bonsai foliage and root growth by emitting high-quality wavelengths. They are eco-friendly, come with full-spectrum bulbs and consume low energy. 

Can any LED light be used as a grow light?

The LED light provides enough PAR (parabolic aluminized reflector), emits little heat, and is long-lasting. The lights are also very energy efficient, so you can use them to cultivate Bonsai, cactus, and other indoor plants. 

How much light do bonsai trees need?

Mostly bonsai plants need direct or partial sunlight to make their food. They need 5-6 hours of sunlight daily to avoid foliage weakness. But the timing may fluctuate according to the bonsai species. 

Do bonsai trees need light?

Yes, bonsai trees need light to maintain their proper growth because adequate light exposure helps them make their food from where they receive nutrients and other supplements. 

Final verdict

The new generation lights are LED, and they need less electricity to produce less heat output. That’s why these lights are mainly used for indoor gardening. 

So now you have plenty of knowledge about the best artificial light for bonsai trees. Just pick the right lights and efficiently deal with them to grow your passionate and loving Bonsai. 

You can choose the GooingTop LED Grow Light as a budget friendly and easy countertop setting artificial grow lights.